Monday, 19 June 2017

The last couple of years has seen us all fall deeply in love with lolo1 for her comical role as ‘Adaku’ on TV comedy series “Jenifa’s Diary” even though she has been known on radio.

No thanks to Jenifa’s Diary, Lolo1 is gradually being overshadowed by the character, Adaku, that she plays in the comedy series, Jenifa’s Diary.

She plays the role so well that one would think that is who she is in reality.

In an interview with Adewoyin Adeniyi of The Nation, Lolo1 speaks on her role in the comedy series and its similarities with her personality.

On how she fits into her role as Adaku in Jenifa’s Diary

I enjoy being Adaku. A lot of people can identify with her and there are many people that are working where they don’t really enjoy and they have to find solace in something. She’s always going in between men, she can’t seem to find a good relationship, she has low self-esteem and, of course, a person that is prone to depression would find solace in food, and that’s her own way of dealing with all the chaos around her own life. I really enjoy the role because she might have vices but if you watch you can learn one or two things in what not to do.

On similarities between Lolo and Adaku

I don’t eat as much as Adaku does and I don’t do pedicure and manicure for a living. I just identify with her emotional confusions sometimes because sometimes you are in between stuff and you are just looking for how to cope.

On how her children copes with her schedule

My children know mommy is working for the money and most of the time we do see in the morning before I leave. When I get back, they are probably sleeping but they will see me when I wake up, even though it’s not an everyday occurrence. We carry each other along in my own family. I know what they are doing, they know what I’m doing and so it makes it very easy to work.

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