Monday, 10 July 2017

Lagos born Nigerian rapper and singer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola, known by her stage name Mo’Cheddah, took to her Instagram page to urge Nigerian youths, saying the are not ready to become future leaders with the way the are going.

The 26-year- old who came into limelight after her track with Phyno ‘Destinambari’ made massive waves online, says she’s ready to die for Nigeria but cannot do it alone. Here’s her post;

‘Let’s stop being hypocritical , we live in SAD times, with bad leaders and uninterested youths, what have you done for your country? Do you clean the outside of your gates on Thursday’s as the Lagos state government suggests? You live in million Naira homes driving million Naira cars and you can not make drainage in your Own estate?

You are waiting on “the GOVERNMENT “(COUGH) LOL… Yes I will laugh! Because that is all I can do!! I’m tired of crying for this country ! I’m tired of getting my heart broken by her over and over!! When we are told to gather and use our voices we don’t.majority of the people that do go for this awareness walks are either doing it for their own selfish interest or going for the music( please we need to stop with the concerts) .

When they invited you to go for TOP 100 Nigerian youths , pls what did you talk about??? You stood there, drank champagne and took pictures for us to see .. So please move along!!! Stop twitting and Instagraming and do something!!!! Those that are quick to say it’s not funny will jump at any opportunity given by the government to come appear or perform, they will gladly smile and take pictures???

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