Thursday, 6 July 2017

What does 'fat shaming' mean to you? If I am to start up this conversation, it will definitely lead to a book or thesis on the realities of its stupidity, depravity, unnecessary and unwarranted ta associated with it.

Who told you, you will never find your perfect size, who told you, you won't look dead drop gorgeous in any outfit because of your size, who says you won't turn heads and stop the show when you walk into a place, who told you, you aren't a slay queen if you are the one that must have managed to convince yourself on that, or let others convince you, then babe it is time to stop!!!

There was an experience I had some years back which has left a permanent mark in my way of thinking - so I went out to get something, and two very lovely ladies walked out of a compound, one was skinny and the other was big, like really big. The crazy thing was every single person stopped to gawk at the lady on the bigger size including me, not cause she looked terrible or because her outfit was amazing, but because of the confidence she wore around her and she smelt wonderful too.

The gist here is for you to be confident and bold, which is more than enough statement you can have to get admiration and compliments. Let's take our inspiration for this latest post from the very beautiful, confident, vibrant, fierce, chic and elegant Latasha Ngwube who is popularly known also as Latasha Lagos.

Latasha Ngwube is a lifestyle journalist, content editor for Vanguard Allure Magazine, and also the founder of African curvy empowerment community website 'about that curvy lane.' She has broken boundaries and achieved greatly for her self, she made history by making Lagos Fashion and Design week hold its first ever plus size show, which ended up being a show stopper.

I haven't met her in person, but from her IG pictures and articles up on her website, one can tell she has a great sense of humour, positive vibe and empowering thoughts and confidence with and in her style.

The first picture I saw of her was in a gold wrap dress, and she stunned in it, not only because the outfit was right on her, but because of the carriage, cheerfulness and confidence she used in rocking the dress.

To her "about that curvy life is more than a hash tag or a website, it is a dedication to be kind to myself and love my body, and sometimes that means cutting calories and sweating it out at the gym, sometimes it means speaking to it with love because it's only one we get and other times for me, it's just exhaling in peace without restrictions."

For those of us that still need more inspiration and motivation on being confident and stylish why don't you head over to her IG page @latashalagos or better still head over to her website - for more style tips. But for now, let us enjoy her style game below;

Photo credit
Latasha Lagos IG account

from StyleHub Daily


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