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Pink, funny enough used to be a unisex color. Yes, girls are naturally drawn to pink-related colours when faced with options, and guys go for the darker hues - like blue, but once upon a time these colours were never tied to any specific gender.

But the clothing industry began to create gender specific clothing for little kids and infants around the 1960s and 70s. It is speculated that they did this to get more money; you couldn't wear a boys clothes for his younger sister. You'd have to buy another set. Greedy people.

So when they noticed the colour preferences that the male and female sexes expressed, they capitalized on that and included it into the cloth making - so you see lots of pink in girls' clothing and accessories, and lots of blue for the boys.

And now, about two centuries later, we've all seen these colours with specific genders so much that it all became ingrained in our minds - blue means boy, pink mean''s girl! And this mindset grows with us and becomes established so that by the time we're grown adults, we continue to express this thought pattern.

But some men have dared to go against the conventional flow, defiantly adorning themselves with pink clothing and accessories where others would normally choose blue. And guess what? They succeeded! The resulting look they pull off is so cool that more men are beginning to consider giving the colour a place in their wardrobes.

Let's examine some reasons why pink can be hot on you as a man. Hopefully they should help break the stereotype.

Pink Gets Women's Eyes

We all know how much women love pink. So when they see a man in their favoured colour, they're naturally attracted to him. Some even say they love guys that wear pink! So ditch all this pink is girly stuff nonsense - pink gets you the lady. Forget the rest.

Pink Makes You Stand Out And Become Powerful

Valerie Steele, a researcher and recorder of fashion in the middle ages, tells us that pink was known to be a war-like colour because it was a diminutive of red. Even more recently, a 2012 study commissioned by Cotton USA shows some interesting facts about pink. Men who wear pink earn about $1,200 more each year than those who wear other colors! These men are also more likely to impress female colleagues and perform with more confidence. Pink gives you character as a man and stands you out.

Pink Goes Well With Other Colors

Pink is a colour that blends very well; it has a flexible attribute it. Any skin colour can go well with pink, provided you use the right shade. For us darker guys out here in Africa, light pink will do well with our dark skin tones. For those with lighter skin tones, deep pink will do good, but since dark pink tends to take the glory of everything else, it should only be used as accessories such as bow-ties or pocket squares.


Pink needs to be worn by men with wisdom, even when you want to be daring. So here are some tips to inspire you, especially if you've not done this before and need to get comfortable with the concept first.


This will help you settle down in the color if you are a bit shy about it. And it's lit too.


These two "opposite" colors actually go well together, so don't hesitate to throw on the combo!


Pink tees go well when it's time for some casual outing.


Pulling off an outfit with pink pants is not as easy as with the rest of the clothes and accessories. And it also requires mighty guts too, so keep away from it for now. With the exception of chinos, because they mostly come in hues that lean toward brown, which is a very good color for pants.


Freely try out pink ties, bowties, socks. and the rest. You don't have to be too cautious with these!


Wear only one pink thing - don't over-pink it. A pink shirt, or shorts, or blazers or whatever is enough.

So pink is for every one; guys only need to bring the masculine side to play. C'mon men, let's show them! Give us your thoughts on what you feel about this color and don't forget to share this article as always...

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