Friday, 14 July 2017

Yes, my fellow men, must it always be like that? Why must one always wear matching colors of belt and shoe? Can't we break this rule?

Well YES and NO. It totally depends on the nature of your outing.


* When you're going for a business meeting, a high brow dinner somewhere, or anything professional, then this rule should not be breached.
* If you’re heading to the office or a job interview; said Mr. Tokunbo, a boss that was asked this question, stay on the “conservative and dressy” side and play the match game obediently. “It shows me a guy is paying attention,” he added.

And the match should be as exact as possible too. It would be too distracting to wear walnut shoes and a reddish brown belt when you're going to give a presentation. That's not how to present yourself to people. So keep it matched when you're going professorial.

The table turns on this rule when it comes to casual dressing and casual events. You can take your liberties and do whatever pleases you. I have a friend that wore a bright blue belt on black shoes to church one Sunday, and his shirt was tucked in, the shoes were oxford lace - ups. And I liked it!

It kind of spoke confidence of a man that owns his own clothes - and this guy is actually a confident person. So in environments where it's not all protocols and standards and rules, feel free to let your clothes express your person - including your belt.

from StyleHub Daily


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