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Intimacy before marriage is always an intriguing topic to discuss on whether it is right or not and some of our Nigerian celebrities have revealed their points of view on this controversial topic. presents you 7 Nigerian Celebrities who have publicly stood against Pre-Marital Sex.

1. Yvonne Orji

Nigerian –American actress, Yvonne Orji is a woman who does not believe in pre-marital sex and not shy to speak openly about what she believes. Recently, she gave a speech on “The wait is sexy,” at a TEDx Talk, she said:

“A lot of people think the wait is actually keeping me from my prince charming. For me at 33, the wait is powerful, discipline, its focus and keeps the main thing the main thing.”

2. Biodun Okeowo

As unbelievable as it may seem, Biodun Okeowo married as a virgin. At least, she told Punch that much in a recent chat. She then went on to bemoan the spate of pre-marital sex among the youths these days, saying it is not a good sign for the future

“It is saddening that pre-marital sex has taken over our time. In the past, most of our men would disassociate themselves from girls who have been deflowered outside wedlock. Then, a woman’s virginity was her pride but time has changed and human beings have changed. I am not happy about it. Maybe we should blame civilisation or modernisation for this. I pray for God’s intervention in this era”

3. Lynxx

Musician Lynxxx has been known in the past for his sexually suggestive songs and videos, but according to him, he has “changed his parade” and received a spiritual awakening. He advised young Nigerians to always think of the spiritual aspect of sex before they allow anyone have access to their body.

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4. Patience Ozorkwo

Veteran Nollywood actress turned Evangelist, Patience Ozokwor sent out a strong warning message to teenagers during Valentine’s day celebration.

The actress who said many teenagers will be impregnated urged them to keep their bodies holy for the Lord.


5. Juliana Olayode

Popularly known for her role as Toyo Baby in Jenifa’s Diary, Juliana has always been vocal about her stance on pre-marital sex. She is a member of Mine ministry, a christian organization that advocates sexual purity.

She was said:

I have a call and I have pledged with all my life, with God’s help that I will not stop being an advocate of purity no matter the opposition. Virginity and sexual purity must not and will not be history.”

6. Jodie

Nigerian singer, Jodie was also very open about sexual purity before she got married in 2015. She said in an interview some years ago,

Keep your privates to yourself and your wedded partner. Forget all that “new age” or “modern” talk on sex and virginity. It may look “cool” to be a sexually loose person on television or magazines, but in real life, people actually respect those who have self control. If the whole world says virginity is archaic, would you want your daughter/son to “go with the flow?”

7. Adokiye

Nigerian singer, Adokiye has always maintained that she is still a virgin. She made headlines when she offered her virginity to Boko Haram in exchange of the Chibok abducted girls. She once said,

A lot of people are tagging me gay. I don’t blame them. It’s not easy to find a beautiful girl who’s still a virgin, especially in this tough period. The truth is, I love men, I adore them, I cherish them and got so much respect for them but my problem is, I haven’t found that somebody yet, to give my body and heart to. It doesn’t mean I am a lesbian or gay or what not.

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