Friday, 14 July 2017

Hello style lovers, on our first edition of style on campus, we will be zooming into the world of students and their style game, who is excited!!!

Today, we will be meeting Oti Uche Anne, a 400 level law student from the Obafemi Awolowo University.

SHD: What is fashion to you?
UCH: Fashion is deep art, it's expressing yourself. It's you vs yourself. It is a personal expression, you do not have to copy anyone.
SHD: Do you go with style or with trend?
UCH: I prefer personal style
SHD: Why?
UCH: because i feel when you have your personal style, you are depicting yourself. People dress a certain way because they want to be seen a certain way, and i think this is a wrong conception of how fashion should be seen.
SHD: How will you define your style?
UCH: it's simple, basically just simple yet sophisticated.
SHD: What/who influences your style?
UCH: my sister, myself. Most times i write how i feel, and as a designer my major inspiration is Ejiro Amos Tafiri.
SHD: How long does it take you to get prepared?
UCH: 1hr *smiles*
SHD: What are you most obsessed with(style or beauty)?
UCH: looking good involves beauty and fashion, so it's good to blend both.
SHD: What can't you do without(statement piece) leaving the house?
UCH: my wrist watch, it is necessary
SHD: Saw your work/designs on some of your clients, they looked great.
UCH: thank you

SHD: how did it all start
UCH: it started in my first year in school, there was a program, and i was part of the coordinator. It was about taking the bold step, and doing what you want. Before then I just wrote down my designs, but after the program, I was inspired to start sketching.
SHD: How will you define your design?
UCH: I go with the flow, make research. I blend vintage, mix patterns with trend.
SHD: does your personal style influence your design?
UCH: i work with my client's personality and style, yes! There is my own side of creativity but i work mainly with my client's personality.
SHD: any current project?
UCH: not until December. At the end of each year, I bring out new collections, and also give spaces if there are clients available, but basically waiting till i'm done with school before going full time in the fashion industry.
SHD: how do you blend school work with your blooming career?
UCH: it takes the grace of God, and proper management of time. It's not easy but I've been pushing. 
SHD: anything else you would like to add?
UCH: i'm a writer on fashion law, you know about the legal aspect of fashion. I write about the aspect of fashion law. Its not practiced in Nigeria yet, its all about the patent and copy right of fashion, I deal in that aspect right now, by trying to create awareness. So i'm like bringing in the legal aspect into fashion.
SHD: any social media handle?
UCH: my business handle is @house of Annie oti, while my personal handle is @lady_oti.

Let's take a look at some of her personal pictures and works below;

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