Sunday, 9 July 2017

Award winning producer, song writer, musician, Cobhams makes this week cover of Thisday style Magazine. He is interviewed by Konye Chelsea Nwabogor who is the editor digital of Thisday style Magazine.

Talented photographer Ty Bello shot it, and as it's custom, she shares a story. "I love the way COBHAMS ASUQUO talks.. And thinks.. And describes things.. And builds ideas.. I just love Cobhams  sha.
I treasure the memories of many of us about fifteen years ago North avenue.. Apapa.. At the beginning of our creative journeys.. Inching to find space outside on that big old mattress.. When NEPA took light. Dreaming about music.. And Grammies and changing our world as we all killed mosquitoes.

Cobhams had the funniest stories.. And spot on impressions of people. Oh and the unique way he breaks down songs.. Puts new life to it with his unique arrangement.
It's also funny how often you forget that Cobhams is visually impaired. He talks about and beautifully describes it all the time but you still forget - I remember sitting in a studio gisting with him and reaching out to him to borrow his pen to correct the line of song.. He was like.. 'Duh' Ty.. I'm blind!, what would I be doing with a pen.. And we both burst out laughing. If you've ever spent time with Cobhams you would understand what i'm talking about.. You forget!!. Simply because Cobhams is one of the most alive human beings you will ever meet.
I guess that's what it means to truly LIVE. The life force we carry when given total freedom .. Easily overshadows any limitations we have. God made us that way. 
I've learnt that my heart isn't just pumping blood.. It's working really hard.. Non stop.. 24hours a day to keep my BODY here.. So that my spirit can have full expression.
It's sad that so much time is spent in the shadows of what we can or cannot do in and with our bodies.
How amazing life would be if we dared to live full spirit unleashed.. To laughter.. To love.. To create.. In truth.
Cobhams i'm so honored to know you.. Thanks for keeping it simple and showing us how to love you."

from StyleHub Daily


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