Sunday, 9 July 2017

Celebrity photographer and singer, TY Bello, whose story won’t be complete without Olajumoke recently held a photo session with singer, Flavour, and she took to Instagram to gush about it all.

TY Bello further revealed that working with Flavour helped inspire to hit the gym.

Here’s what she wrote;

Flavour N’abania : I really enjoyed making the cover photos for @2niteflavour album cover . The idea was simple .. the title was ‘Ijele : The traveller’ .. I knew he wasn’t talking about a physical journey but the idea of taking his sound to a different spaces . The words that came to mind were transitions.. transcending .. movements . I decided to not make this about clothes at all . His tattoos lend a whole lot to the narrative .. ‘music and me. .. ‘when you become one with the sound start to travel with it . His back tattoo .. Psalm 100..Vrs 1-5 .. one of my favorites .We experimented with movements and dragged the shutter sometimes .

He was pleased with the results and happy to experiment. We spent the second half of the shoot taking some ‘fineboy’ photos . He really is an amazing looking human being .. seriously o.. ha!Works really hard to look that way too. Me ?..I’m inspired .. I hit the gym this week … I’m not even kidding ..God help me #tybellophotography#photostories#flavour

Here are the photos:

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