Monday, 10 July 2017

"I want to, I will" these are statements most of us make throughout our life time without truly making it happen. We all have dreams, we all have ideas, but for how long will you keep pushing things forward with excuses of unavailability of time, with work load being too much or any other story you can come up with.

It is high time you take charge of the situation, do not let your opportunity pass you by, stop thinking you still have time because you don't, so you just need to start somewhere.

Most of the very successful humans on planet earth didn't plan and have to wait for the right time, because that right time could just be 'now,' or it might just not come. It is all YOU, you have the power to make your right time, right moment, you have the power to laugh yourself to greatness, you just need to START, anywhere, anyhow, and NOW.

No more excuses, no more stories, no more pushing thing forward, START now, START here, just START. 💞

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