Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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If a lady or guy is caught cheating in any relationship either the guy ends the affair or the lady punishes her partner for breaking her heart.

A young man identified as Hermano Fresco was caught cheating on his partner instead of the lady ending the relationship, she pretended to have forgiven him but taught him a lesson he will never forget while he was asleep.

Fresco took to his Facebook handle on Monday, July 10, to share the story and photos of how his girlfriend shaved off his dreadlocks because he cheated on her.

The young man posted the pictures with the caption:

“YO MY BABY MOMMA CAUGHT ME CHEATING LAST WEEK I BEGGED HER TO FORGIVE ME I THOUGHT SHE DID!!! I even gave her some bomb ‘I’m sorry love making’ last night but I woke up to this.” #

Here’s the photo:

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